The SUNY Adirondack Theater Program presents one major production each semester with auditions open to all students.  Students present a special performance of each major production for area high school students. This is presented at the ACC Theater during school hours and is free of charge.

SUNY Adirondack has a Touring Theater for Children that runs one semester each academic year and is made up of college students who enjoy performing for young people. The Touring Theater for Children travels to elementary schools, during school hours, presenting entertaining and educational material. (Each semester 3,000 to 5,000 young people view the production.) This is free of charge to schools.

The program also sponsors a bi-annual ten-minute play playwriting contest judged by students, faculty and community members.  In addition, community outreach projects for theatre take place throughout the year.

Theater Internship (THR 178) - A cooperative program integrating practical work experience in theater arts with academic course work. The intership can be prorated from one credit to a maximum of six credits with thrity hours of practical internship experience per credit hour.  Academic and artistic theory and practice from current and prior courses is applied to the internship setting. Students have the opportunity to structure the internship to focus on either a key area of concentration or a broad theater perspective. Internships will be designed and arranged in collaboration with the course instructor.  Not recommended for entering freshman students.

Theatre Club is an official student club sponsored by the SUNY Adirondack Student Association.  The Theatre Club supports the mainstage productions on campus in the fall and spring semesters through volunteer work and promotions. It has funded students in mainstage performances to attend The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival.  It also engages students in theatre activities on and off campus as a creative and professional outlet for all levels of experience in the theatre arts.  Activities include engagement in workshops related to all production elements in the field, staged readings of plays, host guest artists, and support a semi-annual playwriting contest.  The Theatre club offers industry-related trips to local and professional theatre companies and opportunities to see professional performances. Membership is open to all SUNY Adirondack students regardless of major.
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