Senior Audit Policy

SUNY Adirondack welcomes residents who are 60 years or older to participate in our senior audit program. Students may use the senior audit registration option beginning on the first day of the semester and continuing through the last day of the add/drop period. This program allows seniors to register for courses tuition-free on a "space available" basis, provided the initial course registration was done as a senior audit. Participants in the program are eligible to take any course listed in the SUNY Adirondack Schedule of Courses EXCEPT:

  • Adventure Sports
  • Agriculture
  • Broadcast Media Production Major Courses (exception COM 183 and COM 201)
  • CASAC Practicum PSY 280A/B and PSY 281A/B 
  • Computer Science
  • Culinary Arts
  • Engineering
  • Internships
  • International Study
  • Lab Science Courses
  • Media Arts Courses (ART designation)
  • Music (exception: MUS 105 and MUS 110)
  • Nursing
  • Physical Education
  • Portfolio Development
  • Studio Art (ART designation)
  • Technology

For all other areas, course enrollment is subject to instructor approval. Instructors welcome Senior Audit students, but space may be limited. Requests may be made to the Dean for Academic Initiatives after the first day of the semester for exceptions to the exclusions; however, the College reserves the right to limit registration to these classes.

Those wishing to audit should discuss with the instructor whether you will be taking exams, completing course assignments, giving presentations, etc. You and the instructor must agree upon these issues.

Please note that grades will not be recorded or kept on file by SUNY Adirondack for any course taken under the Senior Audit Program. In addition, seniors auditing a course under this policy are not eligible for discounted participation fees in student activities or events.

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