Name – Chosen First and Legal

SUNY Adirondack welcomes and supports student’s and employee’s personal expression, within community standards, to use a chosen first name other than their legal first name to identify themselves. This change will be reflected in on-campus communication systems, as long as the chosen name, gender identity, and/or personal pronouns are not used for purposes of misidentification, fraud or misrepresentation and that the chosen name meets community standards (i.e. not profane, obscene, or derived from hate-speech; and conform to technical requirements). The on-campus communication systems include class rosters, Degree Works, Slate, Learning Management System, advising lists, housing lists, email and other internal lists.  Campus systems will be updated as institutional technology infrastructure advances.
The individual’s legal name will be used on all official College correspondence including but not limited to, official transcripts, enrollment verifications, third party database systems, diplomas, certain employment and payroll records, billing records, financial aid documents, employee benefits records, expense reimbursements, travel and purchasing authorization, and conduct hearing results.  The student id card will have the chosen first name on the front of the card and the legal name on the back.
Students may request a chosen first name using the Chosen First Name Request Form.  The Office of Registration and Records will review the request and are available for any questions at
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