Transcript Notation Policy

SUNY Adirondack official college transcripts will notate graduation honors, Fresh Start approvals and reportable code of conduct violations.  

Reportable Code of Conduct violations are those incidents of violence, including but not limited to sexual violence, that meet the reporting requirements of the federal Clery Act. Per the Code of Conduct, any student accused of a Clery-reportable crime of violence will be notified of the charges in electronic or written format and required to meet with the Dean for Student Affairs regarding said charges within ten (10) working days of notice. For any student found responsible after a Conduct process, a transcript notation will be made that they were "suspended after a finding of responsibility for a Code of Conduct violation" or "dismissed after a finding of responsibility for a Code of Conduct violation." For the student who does not report to the Dean's office nor respond in writing to reschedule, regardless of whether they officially or unofficially withdrawn from the College, the Conduct process will continue as outlined in the Student Handbook. Should the student be found responsible despite their nonparticipation in the Conduct process, sanctions will be issued and the appropriate transcript notation will be made.The College reserves the right to adjust transcript notation as needed for compliance with SUNY Polices on Sexual Violence Prevention and Response.  The campus Title IX Coordinator will be notified of all reportable code of conduct violations involving sexual violence.

Students may make an appeal seeking removal of a suspension transcript notation. The suspension notation may not be removed prior to one year after conclusion of the suspension.  Appeals shall be made in writing to the Dean for Student Affairs.  Action taken by the Dean for Student Affairs shall constitute a final resolution of the appeal unless the student submits a request for a hearing, in writing, within ten working days of the date of the decision.  If the student so requests, an appointment will be made to appear before the Student Disciplinary Review Board for a hearing and the appeal will follow the rules stated in the Code of Conduct for student violations.

Notations for expulsion may not be appealed and will not be removed.  If a finding of responsibility is vacated for any reason, any such transcript notation will be removed.


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