Job Programs

Federal Work-Study

This is a program that gives students the opportunity to work on campus in order to gain work experience. Earnings are paid bi-weekly and not counted against students when assessing financial aid eligibility the following year. The hourly rate is above the current NYS minimum wage. Be sure to answer yes to the work study question on the FAFSA.

  • Who is eligible: US citizens or eligible non-citizens with employment authorization who are enrolled in a degree or certificate program as a matriculated student and are in good academic standing.
  • How award is determined: Students with demonstrated financial need per the FAFSA; awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • How and when to apply: Complete the FAFSA annually as early as possible after October 1 preceding the academic year and respond positively to the  question on the FAFSA about work-study. Positions can be viewed at

Step 1: Accept your work study offer by logging into Self Service Banner (SSB)

  • Go to the Financial Aid tab
  • Click on the Award Menu link
  • Click on Award for Aid Year & select the most recent aid year
  • Go to the Accept Award Offer tab & select accept in the drop down box for each semester

Step 2: View job postings via the College Central Network

  • Scroll down to students
  • Create an account & sign in
  • Look for the Search “My School’s Jobs” tab on the left side of the screen
  • In the “View Jobs by Keywords” field, type in: “SUNY Adirondack Work Study” for work study awarded via Financial Aid. Please be sure to use quotations.

Step 3: Log into SSB

  • Go to the Student tab
  • Click on the Student Employment link
  • Open the New Student Employee Orientation: review the content carefully to ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities as a student employee of SUNY Adirondack
  • Click on New Student Employee Orientation Acknowledgement & hit submit
  • Click on the Student Employee Packet link & complete all paperwork. Submit it to Human Resources in Washington Hall: employee protocol, workforce confidentiality, I9, W-4, IT-2104 and direct deposit if you wish to initiate automatic deposits of your earnings

Please note: You will be unable to work until all of these steps are completed. Contact the Financial Aid Office at 518.743.2223 or with any questions.



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