SUNY Adirondack offers students a wide variety of opportunities to use and develop musical skills.  Students may major in our Music AS degree or can choose to enroll in music courses to meet degree requirements for other majors.

Students may major in our Music AS degree, pursue a transfer path for Music Industry, or enroll as non-music majors in a variety of courses that fulfill SUNY SILO and elective requirements for other degree programs.

Non-music majors and community members are welcome to explore various aspects of our music offerings from ensembles and lessons to courses that enhance their understanding of music history, music literacy, or music business and sound recording. Ensemble participation is usually one rehearsal per week with at least one performance each semester. Contact the individual ensemble directors for more information.

Students, and members of the community, are also able to enroll in our large and small ensemble offerings, which include several performances during the school year.


Large Ensembles


Small Ensembles




Symphonic Band

















Please review the course catalog for complete Music course descriptions and offerings.

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