Program Information

Degree Type: AS
Program Code: MUSI
Hegis Code: 5610.00
Degree Worksheet PDF: Download

The A.S. degree in Music provides the first two years of specialized instruction needed by students who ultimately wish to earn a bachelors degree in any music-related field. Courses at SUNY Adirondack closely parallel courses offered by four-year music colleges so that completion of the AS degree will facilitate the transfer process.

Although no entrance audition is required, a placement exam is required for admission to the degree program. The placement exam is administered on specified dates from May through August and is designed to make certain that students are placed appropriately (either in the Music AS degree program or in the Liberal Arts AA degree program with Pre-Music emphasis) that will better meet the student's current learning needs. Recommended high school preparation: Music ensembles and private music instruction, along with music courses when available.

Cr. Course Title Course Code
1-2 Freshman Experience HRD100 HRD100A or HRD110
3 Introduction to College Writing ENG101
3 SUNY GEN ED Basic Communication 

ENG102, ENG103, ENG104, ENG105, ENG106, ENG107, ENG108, ENG109 or ENG110

ENG 106 Writing for Performing and Visual Arts recommended

3 SUNY GEN ED Mathematics  
3 SUNY GEN ED Natural Science  
2 Health and Wellness

Any PED activity courses, AVS101, AVS102, BIO115, HED103, HED104, HED108, NTR101, NTR111, PED105, PED106, PED206, or PED211

(Note: PED 210 and PED 212 do not fulfill this requirement)

3 SUNY GEN ED Western Civilization  
3 SUNY GEN ED American History  
3 SUNY GEN ED Social Science   ANT, PSY, SOC
3 Music Fundamentals MUS103
1 Keyboard Harmony I MUS117 (Spring only - Prereq Required)
1 Keyboard Harmony II MUS118 (Fall only - Prereq Required)
1 Aural Skills I MUS119 (Spring only - Prereq Required)
1 Aural Skills II MUS120 (Fall only - Prereq Required)
2 Music Theory I MUS124 (Spring only - Prereq Required)
2 Music Theory II MUS125 (Fall only - Prereq Required)
3 Music Literature and Style I MUS126 (Spring only - Prereq Required)
1 Conducting I MUS128 (Spring only - Prereq Required)
1 Aural Skills III MUS219 (Spring only - Prereq Required)
2 Music Theory III MUS224 (Spring only- Prereq Required)
8 Applied Music Lessons for Music Majors MUS112 - All in one instrument or voice
4 Music Ensemble MUS105 or MUS110 or  MUS141 - All in one instrument or voice
10 Program Electives As listed in Notes on Music AS page
64 Minimum credits required for graduation  
Recommended First Year
First Semester
1-2 HRD100, HRD100A or HRD110
3 ENG101
3 SUNY GEN ED Mathematics
3 SUNY GEN ED American History
3 MUS103
2 MUS112 (See Note 1)
1 Music Ensemble (See Note 2)
Second Semester
1 Health and Wellness
3 ENG102 - ENG110
3 SUNY GEN ED Natural Science
1 MUS117
1 MUS119
2 MUS 124
2 MUS112 (See Note 1)
1 Music Ensemble (See Note 2)
2 Program Electives (See Note 3)
Recommended Second Year
Third Semester
3 SUNY GEN ED Western Civilization
1 MUS118
1 MUS120
2 MUS125
2 MUS112 (See Note 1)
1 Music Ensemble (See Note 2)
5 Program Electives (See Note 3)
1 Health and Wellness
Fourth Semester
3 SUNY GEN ED Social Science course (ANT, PSY, SOC)
3 MUS126
1 MUS128
1 MUS219
2 MUS224
2 MUS112 (See Note 1)
1 Music Ensemble (See Note 2)
3 Program Electives (See Note 3)


  1.  MUS 112 involves 8 credits (taken in 2-credit blocks for each of 4 semesters) all in one instrument or voice (chosen by the student), with the intent that this will be the primary musical skill in which the student will focus.  A GPA of 2.0 or better is required for each 2 credit MUS 112 course.
  2. Ensembles must correspond to the major area of focus as designated by the Music Department.  Admittance into performing ensembles is at the discretion of the appropriate conductor/coach.  Four credits must be in an ensemble appropriate to the primary instrument.  See Notes on Music AS for further guidance.
  3. Program Elective credits may be used for additional MUS course (s) or as shown in Notes on Music AS page.


Program Information:

  1. Many of the core MUS courses are fall only and spring only and must occur in the required sequence.  Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their assigned advisor in advance of each semester registration priority registration period.  Failure to conform to the required sequence may delay degree completion.
  2. Placement into MUS 117, MUS 119 and MUS 124 in the second semester is contingent upon successful completion of MUS 103 with a grade of C (or better).
  3. Student selection of ensembles shall take into account the following:
  • MUS 105 Chorus - the major ensemble for all voice majors (outside of rock)
  • MUS 110 Symphonic Band - the major ensemble for all instrumental music majors who are going into music education, music performance (outside of rock), music therapy, arts management, and musical studies.
    • Required for music business/industry at The Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam.
    • Required for sound recording engineering at SUNY Fredonia and the College of St. Rose.
    • Required for any student interested in majoring in music education or music performance.
  • MUS 141 Rock Music Ensemble - the major ensemble for majors with the following emphases: guitar, electric bass, drum set, and voice with an emphasis in genres related to rock music.
    • Allowed for SUNY Oneonta, or similar programs in business/industry and sound recording.
    • This non-standard ensemble selection shall be discussed with advisor to ensure optimal entrance and transfer requirements can be achieved with other coursework.

       4. Program Electives including the following:

Course Course Title Course Credits
ASL @ ASL101, ASL102, ASL 201 or ASL 202 6
BUS 103 Principles of Marketing 3
CIS 125 Office Productivity Software 3
COM 175 Digital Audio Production 3
FRN @ FRN 101, FRN 102, FRN 201 or FRN 202 6
GRM @ GRM 101 or GRM 102 6
HRD @ HRD 100 or HRD 100A 1-2
MAT @ MAT 121, MAT 125 or MAT 131 6-7
MUS @ Any MUS offering variable
PHY @ PHY 111 or PHY 112 4
PSY @ PSY 101, PSY202, PSY 206 or PSY 222 9
SPA @ SPA 101, SPA 102, SPA 201 or SPA 202 6
SPH 114 Voice and Diction 3
THR 102 Rehearsal and Performance 1 or 3
THR 105 Acting I 3

Students are encouraged to meet with the Transfer Counselor in the Student Success Center or their assigned advisor to discuss perferred Program Electives based on their transfer and career goals.  Program Electives apply to specific skill areas for the following specializations:

  • Music Business/Industry
  • Music Education
  • Music Interpreter for the Hearing Impaired
  • Music Performance
  • Music Therapy
  • Musical Theater
  • Sound Recording Engineering

6.  Students with a significant music background (3-5 years of progressive musical experience, received music lessons within the last two years and strong music reading skills) may be able to request a substitute Program Elective for MUS 103 with Humanities Division Chair approval using the Course Substitution form.  A recommendation from a high school music instructor or private music instructor, as well as musical demonstration may be required.

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